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Walk through the step-by-step process to become a licensed foster or adoptive parent with Encourage!

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The Encourage staff is focused on connecting with and supporting our incredible families with trainings and special events!

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Find all the forms and documents you need, along with links to other helpful websites, in our Resource Center.

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Why Choose Encourage?

Our mission is to connect foster and foster-to-adopt families with strong support systems that will equip them with the physical, emotional and logistical help they need when opening their hearts and homes. We are intentional with the message of providing encouragement so that every foster parent and youth is successful in the purpose to which God is calling them.

Other Ways You Can Help

Want to help but don’t think you’re ready to be a full-time foster or foster-to-adopt parent? Great news: There are several ways you can still get involved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be married? How long does the home study process take? Don’t foster children have lots of problems? Find the answers to your questions!

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Encouragement from our Blog

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The greatest need

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Growing faith in a pandemic
Growing faith in a pandemic

Jessie Berry, clinical supervisor at Encourage, shares a powerful story…

Great Grill Off
Great Grill Off

Learn more about the 8th Annual Great Grill Off–a virtual community event…

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