We rent our home.
I am single.
We are retired.
I am divorced.
We have a lot of questions.
Our kids go to daycare.
I don't live in Wayne County.
We home school our children.
I am scared to say yes.
We have full-time jobs.
We have two dogs.
We have four biological children.

Many questions come up when you consider becoming a foster parent. We understand that. We realize that the decision to foster is big. Our Encourage team is here to walk beside you through this process and help you feel empowered. Yes, you can foster too.

We invite you to learn more about foster care with Encourage from our staff and seasoned foster parents. You’ll find out their fears and their faith in opening up their hearts and homes to youth in need of safety and security. Please contact Heather Huebner, Recruitment and Engagement Specialist at 330.462.1118 or huebnerh@ccho.org to ask questions and receive support as your process this decision.

Foster Parent Prep Course

Our next 36-hour foster parent prep courses will be held in January 2021. We hope to meet with families in person, but if health and safety restrictions limit our gathering, classes will be offered online with a mix of live facilitation and self-paced modules. There is a great need for families to say yes to opening their hearts and homes to children in need. NOW is a great time to consider being part of our winter foster parent prep courses.

Heather Huebner, Recruitment and Engagement Specialist, would be honored to process this decision with you. Reach out today at 330.462.1118 or huebnerh@ccho.org

Encourage Foster Care, a ministry of Christian Children’s Home of Ohio, has been helping foster parents and youth be successful in the purpose to which God is calling them since 1989.